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Food stamp disconnect

Regarding the July 18 letter by Nancy Street: The letter is from Cheney, and the signer is a Ph.D., so we assume the letter is from someone somewhat educated. Yet her assertions are all incorrect and/or misleading and there is no nexus.

First, food stamps are to be in a separate bill, as all the media reported, but perhaps Street does not follow the media. Next, almost all child abuse is the result of familial substance abuse, mostly alcohol, and by drugs to a much lesser degree, mainly meth. There are no sources where lack of stamps has caused child abuse to any statistical degree.

Food stamp use has doubled both in use and in costs in the past four years, and the degree of fraud and use by people not entitled to them is widespread. Thus, a separate funding and entitlement law is sorely needed. In my view, entitlement fraud over many government programs will help bankrupt this nation.

To somehow blame Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers for some failure in the passing of the farm bill is far-fetched at best.

Jack Thompson



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