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Study is anti-union

Wow! Another study by a conservative – which usually means anti-union – group about how much police officers and firefighters make. The study states that Spokane’s public safety personnel wages are “better than their peers in larger Northwest cities.”

The study then compared our public safety employees to Stockton, Calif., Fort Wayne, Ind., and Mobile, Ala. Really, I thought the study just said our employees wages are “better than their peers in larger Northwest cities.” Then why did they have to go to Mobile to find lower wages? I’m troubled. Is the study hoping to confuse the readers with word games?

It just appears to me that this is just another attempt by the administration of Mayor Condon and The Spokesman-Review to loudly and blatantly show their true anti-union stance.

Douglas Bacon


(Editor’s note: The article references compensation in Portland.)


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