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Fri., Aug. 23, 2013

Only Israel stands with U.S.

In cutting aid to Egypt (“Policy: Should U.S. Cut Aid?” Aug. 17), John Quigley blames Israel for the present unrest in the Middle East and the Israel/Palestinian conflict. As Middle Eastern countries search for democracy, the only constant, stable democracy in the region is Israel, which has steadfastly remained allied with U.S. interests since its birth in 1948.

The only country in the Middle East the United States can count on is Israel and not the Muslim Brotherhood, which attempted to turn Egypt into an Islamic authoritarian regime that is hostile to minorities, including Christians. Warring factions, hostility to minorities, sectarian violence and refusal to compromise are the larger issues now playing out in Egypt and Syria that show keenly the underlying difficulties Israel faces in seeking a secure peace with the Palestinians.

Aid to Israel has nothing to do with the present upheaval in the Middle East. Israel has compromised. What country in the world has ever released convicted killers of innocent civilians back into their communities in an effort to move peace talks forward? The Palestinians have made clear their refusal to enter into substantive peace discussions. Whether the U.S. continues aid to Egypt won’t affect the Palestinian position.

Larry Kuznetz


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