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Sat., Aug. 24, 2013, midnight

Merger roulette at Audubon Park

I am beginning to understand how the Northwest Blvd./Audubon Park 20 mph zone works. This stretch of road has a left lane that merges into the right lane about halfway through the zone. Drivers make one of the following choices: If police are present, they go 20 mph; if you stay in the left lane you can go as fast as you need to get ahead of all traffic, merge right and then there is no need to slow because you’re almost through the 20 mph zone; follow someone going 20 mph in the right lane, and if you see no police, pass and go as fast as you want.

We have red-light cameras to create revenue (yes, revenue). Think of the revenue we are losing in speed zones. I support red-light cameras, and would love to see speed-zone cameras. If the law is the law, why not? It would just cost some a little more to get there faster.

Dick Gardner


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