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U.S. not a Christian nation

The Aug. 13 letter from James Lanham that suggests 78 percent of Americans identify themselves as Christians is flawed. Jesus would strongly disagree with the number, and that the United States is a Christian nation.

Yes, there are Christians in this nation, but calling the United States a Christian nation is absurd. A Christian nation does not allow the killing of 53 million babies under the right-to-choose agenda. A Christian nation does not remove God from schools and the public arena. Does a Christian nation elect a president and an extremist liberal Senate supporting these and many other anti-Christian policies?

He mocks Christians about supporting the elderly and poor, and suggests some may want these people to die and not help them. How absurd.

His letter was just an endorsement of the flawed President Obama’s non-affordable Affordable Care Act that the majority of Americans do not want and will only deteriorate our health care system, cut aid to the elderly and add immense costs to a nation in decline.

Jesus wants a Christian nation to follow his teachings and support the needy with employment that actually helps people and not keep them dependent for generations, only to buy votes.

Richard Wilhelm



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