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That’s NEWS to You quiz

If you followed the news last week – or even if you didn’t – you could be a winner in our weekly quiz.

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1. Gonzaga University uncovered a mosaic that had been covered over during a remodeling of the COG building in the 1990s. What does the mural depict?

A. The Last Supper

B. A GU basketball game

C. The early history of Gonzaga

D. Saints Francis Xavier and Aloysius Gonzaga

E. Old Testament scenes

2. A benefit in Spokane last weekend featured unusual footwear for the runners. What was it?

A. Birkenstocks and wool socks

B. Flip-flops

C. Gladiator sandals

D. High heels

E. Can’t fool me. They ran barefoot.

3. The city of Spokane used $1.1 million of its contingency reserves this year for what project?

A. Expanding the red light camera program

B. Building a new roof for the Expo ’74 pavilion

C. Implementing recommendations to improve policing

D. Cleaning the duck pond in Manito Park

E. Can’t fool me. The contingency reserve is for emergencies and none of those would qualify.

4. In business news, the unemployment rate for July compared to June

A. Went down in Washington state and down in Spokane County

B. Went down in Washington state but up in Spokane County

C. Went up in Washington state but down in Spokane County

D. Went up in Washington state and up in Spokane County

E. Can’t fool me. None of those is right.

5. What college football team was picked as the preseason No. 1?

A. Alabama

B. Florida

C. Ohio State


E. Washington

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