August 26, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Colonel right on Iraq, Afghanistan


Thank you for printing “What nations did U.S. build?” on Aug. 18. I taught U.S. history and current issues for 25 years. I cautioned my students to always consider the source.

So I researched Col. Gian Gentile’s background. Not only is he an Iraq combat veteran, he is currently the head of West Point’s History Department, so he is eminently qualified to have an opinion on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

In my opinion, his assessment of those two conflicts was precise, eloquent and accurate. Mass amounts of blood and treasure have been expended on these two poorly managed debacles. As the United States withdraws, ever so slowly, future historians and interested citizens can evaluate how three U.S. presidents and their advisers continually made the wrong calls.

As a U.S. Army veteran, I applaud Gentile’s willingness to tell it like it is. However, this honesty will probably cost him a shot at that coveted star on his shoulder.

Ralph Fulp

Priest River, Idaho

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