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Tue., Aug. 27, 2013, midnight

Cat euthanization old news

On Aug. 14, The Spokesman-Review had a headline, “SpokAnimal euthanizes 70 cats.” Being a cat lover, I was devastated. Everyone I talked to also thought that this had happened the night before. I actually made a visit to SpokAnimal to tell them how badly I felt. They had a number of calls from scared owners of cats recently adopted.

As we all found out, this event had happened sometime back. Why did The Spokesman-Review headline an article that was not current? It caused a lot of grief for the new cat owners, and SpokAnimal staff healing from the trauma of this event.

The SpokAnimal staff took advice from a noted vet to euthanize because of the contagious nature of the infection. Again, it was very sad for the employees, who had started to heal from the death of so many cats. The only positive thing that came out of this article was to make pet owners realize how important it is to keep their pet shots current. There are low-cost clinics that offer them cheaper.

Please protect your pets. These precious animals were brought on this earth as a wonderful gift. Let’s please take care of them.

Shirley Alexander


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