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Dishman trail changes sadden

I’ve lived in Spokane for 38 years, and graduated from University High School, which was adjacent to Dishman Hills at the time. I actually proposed to my wife in Dishman Hills on Eagle Point.

I have enjoyed going up to Dishman Hills for a nature hike ever since I was a kid. I loved how there were a variety of trails; I hardly came across other people, so the serenity was wonderful. Some trails were beautiful because they weren’t well-traveled and dusty. I recently went up there with my family for a day hike. We were forced to take trails we weren’t familiar with, and ended up not enjoying our experience whatsoever. My wife and I were so sad to see our favorite trails destroyed by these crisscross logs covering them. It looked so unnatural and actually looked destructive.

I am so saddened by what is happening up there. I will feel forced to go on the main trail where I am most likely not going to feel as much serenity and I won’t have as much creative trail-picking. Please have our volunteers put back my favorite trails and recognize your mistake. We all make mistakes.

David Dexter



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