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Central Valley

Sept. 6Ferris7 p.m.
Sept. 13at Rogers 7:30
Sept. 19vs. Mt. Spokane*7:15
Sept. 27North Central7
Oct. 3vs. Lewis and Clark* 4:15
Oct. 11at University7
Oct. 18Mead7
Oct. 25Shadle Park7
Nov. 1at Gonzaga Prep7

Note: *-played at Joe Albi Stadium


Sept. 6at Central Valley7 p.m.
Sept 12 vs. Shadle Park*4:15
Sept. 20at Gonzaga Prep7
Sept. 26vs. Rogers*7:15
Oct. 4vs. North Central*7:30
Oct. 11vs. Mt. Spokane*5
Oct. 18vs. Lewis and Clark* 7:30
Oct. 24vs. University*4:15
Oct. 31vs. Mead*7:15

Gonzaga Prep

Sept. 6Lewis and Clark7 p.m.
Sept. 13at University7
Sept. 20Ferris7
Sept. 27vs. Shadle Park*5
Oct. 4Mead7
Oct. 10vs. North Central*4:15
Oct. 17vs. Rogers*7:15
Oct. 25vs. Mt. Spokane*7:30
Nov. 1Central Valley7

Lewis and Clark

Sept. 6at Gonzaga Prep7 p.m.
Sept. 12vs. Mt. Spokane*7:15
Sept. 20vs. Mead*7:30
Sept. 26vs. University*4:15
Oct. 3vs. Central Valley*4:15
Oct. 11vs. Rogers*7:30
Oct. 18vs. Ferris*7:30
Oct. 24vs. North Central*7:15
Nov. 1vs. Shadle Park*5


Sept. 5vs. University*7:15 p.m.
Sept. 13vs. North Central*5
Sept. 20vs. Lewis and Clark* 7:30
Sept. 27vs. Mt. Spokane*7:30
Oct. 4at Gonzaga Prep7
Oct. 10vs. Shadle Park*7:15
Oct. 18at Central Valley7
Oct. 25vs. Rogers*5
Oct. 31vs. Ferris*7:15


Mt. Spokane

Sept. 6vs. North Central*5 p.m.
Sept. 12vs. Lewis and Clark* 7:15
Sept. 19vs. Central Valley*7:15
Sept. 27vs. Mead*7:30
Oct. 3vs. Shadle Park*7:15
Oct. 11vs. Ferris* 5
Oct. 18vs. University*5
Oct. 25vs. Gonzaga Prep*7:30
Oct. 31vs. Rogers*4:15

North Central

Sept. 6vs. Mt. Spokane*5 p.m.
Sept. 13vs. Mead* 5
Sept. 20vs. Rogers*5
Sept. 27at Central Valley7
Oct. 4vs. Ferris*7:30
Oct. 10vs. Gonzaga Prep*4:15
Oct. 17vs. Shadle Park*4:15
Oct. 24vs. Lewis and Clark* 7:15
Nov. 1vs. University*7:30


Sept. 6vs. Shadle Park* 7:30 p.m.
Sept. 13vs. Central Valley*7:30
Sept. 20vs. North Central*5
Sept. 26vs. Ferris*7:15
Oct. 4vs. University*5
Oct. 11vs. Lewis and Clark* 7:30
Oct. 17vs. Gonzaga Prep*7:15
Oct. 25vs. Mead*5
Oct. 31vs. Mt. Spokane4:15

Shadle Park

Sept. 6vs. Rogers* 7:30 p.m.
Sept. 12vs. Ferris*4:15
Sept. 20at University7
Sept. 27vs. Gonzaga Prep*5
Oct. 3vs. Mt. Spokane*7:15
Oct. 10vs. Mead*7:15
Oct. 17vs. North Central*4:15
Oct. 25at Central Valley7
Nov. 1vs. Lewis and Clark* 5


Sept. 5vs. Mead* 7:15 p.m.
Sept. 13Gonzaga Prep7
Sept. 20Shadle Park7
Sept. 26vs. Lewis and Clark* 4:15
Oct. 4vs. Rogers*5
Oct. 11Central Valley7
Oct. 18vs. Mt. Spokane*5
Oct. 24vs. Ferris*4:15
Nov. 1vs. North Central*7:30

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