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Avoid Syria involvement

Unbelievably, all indications are that the United States is positioning itself to move militarily against yet another sovereign Mideast nation; again, unconstitutionally and without provocation.

The pretext this time is that poisonous gases were used on innocent people; a tragic, established fact.

Glaring problem, however: While an ever-compliant U.S. media confirm such a crime, they meticulously avoid exploring by whom committed. Practically the whole world knows the perpetrator was not the Syrian government, but U.S.- and Israeli-backed, anti-Assad rebel forces. But if regime change is the pre-decided objective, mitigating truth cannot matter.

Hence, my personal appeal: If government “of the (good) people, for the (good) people and by the (good) people” means anything at all, we all need to scream for justice here. A U.S. military assault on Syria is as wrong at a national and global level as would be an assault by me upon your home and family on a personal level. Which of us would ever stand for that?

Call the White House at (202) 456-1414. Tell President Barack Obama that he has no justification. Contact also your vacationing congressmen. Demand they turn, and do right. U.S. imperialism must cease, or America itself will soon be finished.

Carol Asher

Kamiah, Idaho


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