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Pettit gets ‘delusional’ about cats

Regarding Stefanie Pettit’s rambling piece (Aug. 15) about what there is to love about cats:

I have no doubt she will be suffocated with letters from every cat lover in Spokane, and rightly so.

This debate over cats vs. dogs is ridiculous, each one brings something special to their owners, they are completely different animals.

Much of what she said, however, is simply ignorant. “Keep them indoors please”? How many cats have mauled or killed people? How many noise complaints does animal control receive every year on dogs? How many small animals (including pet cats) are killed by dogs? How many cats leave droppings on peoples lawns?

So they kill birds, they kill mice and rats as well. She’s quite delusional when it comes to how annoying and destructive cats are and is obviously looking for something to justify her opinion. Give me a break.  

Lisa Holt


Lincoln Road doesn’t lead to Fire District 1

Regarding the article in the Voice “No guarantee in no man’s land” (Aug. 22):

When we moved to Lincoln Road, the main road before Wilderness Lane, we thought we were in a fire district. Our property taxes were going to Fire District 1 (now Spokane County Fire Department).

When we built our house on the same piece of property, we then found out that we actually were not in the district. Of course the fire district did not return any of our tax money they had collected the previous seven years.

On Lincoln Road, the people living on the south side of the road are covered, those on the north side are not. Crazy! No one is covered from our place on.

We contacted the neighbors not in the district and held a meeting with the fire chief. He wanted us to pay to put in a fire hydrant, and add to the district all of Mount Antoine. Not that the fire department would be able to fight a fire there since it is all woods. He would not guarantee that we would be allowed in the district. At that point we gave up.

Michelle Hogeweide

Otis Orchards


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