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Thu., Aug. 29, 2013

Ramirez right, so go left

Regarding the Michael Ramirez letter by David Bot (Aug. 13): It makes me smile, sometimes it’s a grimace. But it doesn’t take a lot of guts or “courage” to write poison pen cartoons. The only thing I find “incisive” about Ramirez is that he incites the right.

Whereas, The Spokesman-Review once had a homegrown satirical – biting wit – political cartoonist by the name of Milt Priggee. The S-R received so many letters attacking his work with vitriol and intolerance that he decided to move on.

I think that The Spokesman-Review should continue to print Ramirez for the smiles he brings to some people, and so that I will know what to be against. I also think that it should be published on the back page of the Sports section with Mallard Fillmore and Doonesbury.

Robert Joy


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