August 30, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Better pay, better consumers


Kudos for Caroline Durocher (Aug. 20) for taking a stand on minimum wage. The slanted response of the United States Chamber of Commerce was not unexpected.

Small business doesn’t eliminate jobs when labor is paid a living wage; they become consumers that support small business.

Durocher was protesting the monopolist, greedy, big box stores, and chain fast food; hardly small business. Their stopwatch employment of on-the-clock/off-the-clock, reinforced by sound-bite economic theory, “That’s all the job is worth,” and “You’re not up to expectations,” creates a workforce unable to participate in the economy; allowing your box store, fast food dollar to leave town.

The overpaid corporate bosses buy politicians and influence government to ensure the exploited remain exploited.

Swede Little

Mullan, Idaho

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