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Christians would appall Jesus

I was raised as a Christian and believe in the teachings of Jesus. I challenge Christians and non-Christians alike to read the book “Zealot” by Reza Aslan. It contains many supportive and unsupportive references concerning his ideas in his extensive notes. These can be freely explored.

Jesus was a Jew. Jews were the primary target of his ministry. James, the brother of Jesus, became the leader of the church in Jerusalem and was known as the bishop of bishops. After his execution and the Roman-Jewish war, Jerusalem was leveled, and countless Jews were slaughtered and dispersed.

Judaism became anathema to Rome. This led to the necessary shift of religious authority from Jerusalem to Rome and the evangelical shift from Jews to Gentiles. Thus, Christianity clearly emerged from Judaism.

If Jesus were to actually return to Earth today, he would come back as a Jew and would be aghast at what Christians have made of him. Before people claim that the United States is a Christian country, they would do well to explore the history of their religion and reflect on the true message of Jesus.

David Webb



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