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The Slice: It’s important to recognize ‘tackleization’ skills

Sat., Aug. 31, 2013

Which kind of sports announcer do you prefer? A) Total, unapologetic homer. B) Homer who pretends he is objective. C) Someone with disdain for both teams. D) A homer rooting for your team’s opponent. E) Other.

Regional relativism: “I thought everyone knew,” said Mary Shelly. “It’s back East, out West, down South and up North.”

Re: Camping dreams (Tuesday’s Slice): “Dreams?” wrote Pamela Stark. “That would imply one actually falls asleep on the hard bumpy ground despite the next-door campers setting up at midnight — always punctuated with one maniacal shotgun-style laugh, the eternal cougher on the other side, the ever-present barking mop dog in the nearby RV, mixed with one’s own visions of heavily bearded ax murderers dancing in one’s head. Ah, the great outdoors.”

Remembering film rationing: “I never had to ration film,” wrote Phyllis Adams. “But when I was a teenager, my grandparents took me and a cousin to Montreal for Expo ’67. I had a little box camera, and before I left, my mother told me to ‘take lots of pictures.’

“When I got back, she looked at all the rolls of film and declared it was the first time I ever did what I was told. I guess she was unhappy at having to pay for them to be developed.”

Barbara Lee sent this note last Saturday. “Forty-one years ago yesterday we left on our honeymoon. We didn’t have a camera so my brother loaned me his Voigtlander — a very nice one that I was unfamiliar with. We drove up the California and Oregon coasts, happily snapping away. After lots of pictures we began to wonder how big the roll of film was. After arriving in Seattle, we finally figured out there was no film in the camera. No pictures, only lovely memories of our trip.”

It happens, Barbara. At my first newspaper job, in Flagstaff, Ariz., I once photographed a big-deal annual parade with the lens cap still on.

Today’s Slice question: Did you know anyone who attended the NFL preseason game in Spokane on this date in 1974 between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots?

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