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Sat., Aug. 31, 2013

Year-round aquatic center

Swim season is ending for 2013. Our lovely little city park pools will become empty for another 10 months. Spokane Valley, isn’t it time to allow your community a public, indoor year-round aquatic center?

There are young folks out here being deprived of the opportunity to get a college scholarship via a swim scholarship. Arthritic people would have additional body functions from water exercise; students, the joys and health of swimming. Veterans returning from war with injuries could gain function and health. Water plays a huge part in rehabilitation from surgery and injuries, and just plain fun; family time together, the list is endless.

Cost is important. However, a community effort would make this city so proud. All of the businesses in Spokane Valley could contribute.

What does it take to get the council and staff to make an aquatic center a reality? Citizens, is this something you would appreciate?

Lois Harger


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