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SUNDAY, DEC. 1, 2013

Drop entitlement mentality

I read Lynn Schott’s Nov. 24 letter three times to absorb all her information regarding Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ disregard for the poor. Schott said McMorris’ party protects the rich. The rich provide jobs. When did a poor person provide jobs? The rich also purchase products that provide jobs. They invest, providing jobs for financial investors and their office staff. Unless a person works for a nonprofit or the government, if no profit is made, no jobs.

Schott also brought up the plight of senior citizens affected by the government shutdown. I am a senior citizen. It did not affect me or other senior citizens that I know. We do not depend on free meals. We either pay or eat at home. No one owes me.

I might be more fortunate than some senior citizens. However, I did not elect to take early Social Security, and I worked three years past normal retirement age. I also still work part time. What I am trying to say in closing: A person needs to plan. Do not bring children into the world that you cannot afford. When working, save some money in case of job termination. Get rid of the entitlement mentality.

Patricia McManus


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