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Sun., Dec. 1, 2013

Washington’s deeds devalued

George Washington sacrificed many years of his adult life to secure your freedom and liberty. He served in the bone weary, brutal Revolutionary War for eight years as commander while neglecting his own life. This fierce shepherd also sacrificed much by serving two terms as our first president – a job he did not want – to protect the country he so loved from British tyranny and oppression.

Those sheep that voted no on Initiative 522 handed our liberty over to the highest bidders: the chemical companies and Grocery Manufacturers Association, which spent millions of dollars campaigning against I-522 to prevent our right to know what we are eating. These sheep believed the lies spewed out on advertisements against I-522 because they did not take the time to research.

While we were asleep, a grave mistake was made. We gave the chemical companies control of our food supply. Companies that care only for profit, not human life.

We are Washingtonians, George’s namesake, so let us fight fiercely as shepherds for our liberty. We need to fight against those wolves that would steal it for personal gain. Don’t devalue George’s sacrifices by throwing away your freedom, freedoms that were paid for with blood.

Teresa Nevins


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