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Informed voters maligned

In response to the Nov. 23 letters from Cheryl Mitchell and Marie Plimley concerning Initiative 522: Not all who voted no are low-information or uninformed. If you will look at the free enterprise system, you will find there already are foods currently labeled as not genetically engineered (Kettle chips come to mind). The market asked for organic, free-range etc., and guess what? Entrepreneurs jumped in and satisfied the demand. You will also note they are more expensive.

Not everyone can afford organic and the like, and are thankful for the lesser-cost alternatives that feed their families. If there really is a market for food like this, people will quit buying chips other than Kettle brand, for instance, and seek out foods that are non-genetically engineered.

Oh, and how quickly we forget how many millions of lives were saved from malaria by DDT. Yes, it had bad side effects, but it also, at the time, filled a desperate need. Now, due to those side effects, it’s off the market.

John Williams

Nine Mile Falls


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