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Buyer beware on insurance

Regarding “Insurers exclude regional hospital” (Nov. 24): This was a well-written article. Insurance companies negotiate contracts with hospitals all the time. They are always looking for the way to not spend their money. We all know that, and that is our money.

The advice of checking if your doctor is a preferred provider was right on, and check on the hospital of your choice also, and have it in writing.

Ask for help in interpreting the language the insurance company uses. For instance, “rehab” may mean that this service would be in a nursing home, not a rehabilitation facility. The insurance company will tell you where to go.

My personal preference is the hospital that provides the most options. If something happens and you need care that is not provided, that would mean you would have to be transferred to another facility. So buyer beware, and make a very informed decision.

And, yes, I did work in health care for 42 years.

Pam Meyer



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