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Regulated cities aren’t safe

First, I agree with Herb Limbaugh’s Nov. 21 letter that “Regulation isn’t confiscation.” However, it can easily lead to confiscation. If you do not believe that, you need to look at Nazi Germany and other like countries.

I think that the purpose of total regulation of firearms is only the first step to confiscation. If regulation is so fantastic, why do cities like Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York and Los Angeles, which have some of the toughest gun regulations in the country, have the highest murder rates? In Chicago, there were 376 murders in 2013; in Washington, 248; New York, 279; Los Angeles, 598. Of course, Detroit logged in with only 290 murders, a decline of 16 percent from 2012.

Limbaugh also failed to mention that we have 30 million to 50 million armed hunters to protect this great land. No country would be stupid enough to invade an army of that magnitude.

I agree with Limbaugh that somebody needs to figure out how to stop gun massacres. He does not have an answer but, just maybe, we need to look at how our core values have been eroded from the liberal left, and we maybe can find the answer.

Les Spillman



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