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Wed., Dec. 4, 2013

Response to Larry Treffry letter

Nice! So Christian values are being shunned (Larry Treffry, Nov. 24)? His letter is a little egocentric (look it up, so the dictionary isn’t spurned either). One in 1,000 atheist – if I can be a little hyperbolic – observations are published, and an advocate’s credos are being compromised, right? Wrong!

Let’s compare Christian teens hitting the road to hunt: Could it be associated with studies of other teenagers torturing and killing animals – dogs and cats – which resulted in abusing and slaughtering human beings?

Is not Treffry being a cynic himself by assaulting atheist values, which are opposite of that of self-centered Christians who believe their views are the center and norm of all experience?

Atheists don’t dishonor “God in prayer,” the Pledge of Allegiance, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and do not disrespect the Ten Commandments. They merely do not recognize, in part, or as a whole, components of such. Does he respect nonbeliever visions?

And he, not we, is reaping a whirlwind, so please do not apply his biased emotions as a collective society when it may only apply to him. If this gets printed, I amend it to two in 1,000.

David J. Rosenbeck

Medical Lake

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