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$8 billion gift to enemy

America, $8 billion was just given to a nation committed to destroying us, and President Obama did not even ask for release of a U.S. citizen, Pastor Saeed Abedini. This poor soul is being falsely held in prison in Iran. Yet, our president did not even try to get him released in exchange for the very sweet deal he generously gave Iran.

Insane, and why would Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry be that stupid and not use this huge amount of money to bargain for his release? This country has already let it be known they want to destroy us. We Americans have a president so oblivious to the danger he has inflicted upon this nation under guise of diplomacy. What diplomacy?

They gave them everything and we got nothing in return for our $8 billion, except to worsen our economy, and help Iran further fund the uranium enrichment for their nuclear warheads, which apparently means nothing to Obama. I would love to be wrong about this.

Barbara Miller



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