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Fri., Dec. 6, 2013, midnight

Too dysfunctional to govern

Regarding criticism of the Affordable Care Act spinning tales: How true. As a PBS commentator said, the Republicans are cheering failure rather than working for the common good.

In 2009, the economy was about to go over the cliff. Instead of working with the new president for that common good, the GOP said their sole purpose was to make him fail and become a one-term president. Their actions are sabotage prohibited by the U.S. Constitution.

They filibustered more than 100 times in his first 10 months and continue to filibuster and oppose everything that comes from this president of color, opposing even their own ideas. Besides using Romneycare as its template, the ACA (Obamacare) was first proposed 30 years ago by former Sen. Bob Dole. It was the Democrats who killed it then because it was a capitalistic plan favoring insurance companies.

One would think the GOP would be cheering – Obamacare is their plan. Democrats would rather expand Medicare for all. The GOP has wasted years trying to kill the ACA and opposing everything else. Speaker John Boehner, asked last week if the GOP had a replacement for Obamacare, answered no. The GOP is too dysfunctional to govern.

Richard Trerise


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