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Sun., Dec. 8, 2013

Don’t fall for McMorris Rodgers’ rhetoric

It is so sad that the mindless major media let conservative GOP Republican rhetoric go unanswered so often that many vulnerable people believe what is not true. Remember how Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and the GOP said specifically and definitively that re-election of President Obama would only ruin the economy? Now that his policies have brought unemployment below 7 percent, we can see how wrong McMorris Rodgers was.

She was covering for her hero, President George W. Bush. She praised Bush’s economic policies, which factually crashed the economy. For our major measures of commerce, as The Spokesman-Review reported, new hires began to fall in 2005, when the GOP policies started to erode the economy. The economy began recovering under Obama policies in 2009. This is the same for taxable sales: crashing during the middle of Bush, to finally begin to slowly recover early in Obama.

As bad as McMorris Rodgers wants us to believe her false rhetoric, what is factually true: She, the GOP and Bush crashed the economy so badly it has taken five years of Obama to fix.

Do not buy into her “government bad, must-cut-taxes” rhetoric. She believes big business is the only good.

Ed Terhaar


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