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Sun., Dec. 8, 2013

Join Mother Nature

Last week, hundreds of scientists protested the United Nations climate change conference in Warsaw being sponsored by multinational fossil fuel corporations by staging a walkout. The status quo of having our cake and eating it, of wait-and-see global conduct, was beyond being just too little too late in light of our recent adverse storm surges.

Similar to corporate giants’ influence narrowly defeating our genetically engineered food-labeling measure (Initiative 522) by hoax within hoax within hoax, as discovered by our state attorney general. Many other states are now alerted and emboldened to overcome such pure corporate profit motivation as to our finite world’s resources. The food labels are constantly updated, so why not include genetically engineered foods?

I certainly know very little about global warming, other than Mother Nature always wins. The saying “if you can’t beat them, then join them” seems apropos. My 92-year-old mother swears that when she was a child downriver from Salmon, Idaho, temperatures of minus 60 degrees were experienced.

So I am going to try to better join with Mother Nature and the protesters, absent good reasons advanced by readers of this letter.

Duane Schofield

Cusick, Wash.

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