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That’s NEWS to you quiz

Sun., Dec. 8, 2013

If you followed the news last week, and maybe even if you didn’t, you could be a winner in our weekly news quiz.

Try the newspaper version, then go to for our online version. Top entries in that version go into a weekly drawing for a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel, and all entries this week go into a drawing for movie tickets.

1. Research recently revealed a photograph of Lokout, an Indian warrior who was the brother of Qualchan and outlived Qualchan by more than 50 years. What other name did he go by?

A. Luqaiot

B. Loolowcan

C. Quo-to-we-not

D. Soka-tal-ko

E. Can’t fool me. He went by all of those names.

2. A Selah, Wash., couple who lost an engagement ring on their way to the Spokane Pearl Jam concert had the ring returned to them by band boosters from what local high school?

A. Lewis and Clark

B. University

C. Shadle

D. East Valley

E. West Valley

3. Which candidate who lost a race in the November election requested a recount of some precincts even though there aren’t enough votes in those precincts to change the results?

A. Michael Cannon

B. John Ahern

C. John Smith

D. Mike McGinn

E. Can’t fool me. The recount was requested for the initiative on GMO food labels.

4. Sophia Caruso, a 12-year-old actress from Spokane, appeared last week on a live television production of

A. “Annie”

B. “Peter Pan”

C. “The Sound of Music”

D. “White Christmas”

E. Can’t fool me. Television doesn’t do live musicals because of the risk something will go wrong.

5. The University of Washington Huskies will replace football head coach Steve Sarkisian with the coach from

A. Boise State University

B. Missouri

C. University of California, Los Angeles

D. Washington State University

E. Can’t fool me. UW promoted one of its own coaches.

Check your work

To check your answers and last week’s winners, see page B9.

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