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Jealousy could be romantic in nature

Dear Annie: I’ve been employed for two months at a large retail outlet and have gotten to know many of the people who work there.

“Amanda” is in the food section, and I am in the clothing department. I’m a straight woman, and she is bisexual. Two weeks ago, the two of us went out to dinner for her birthday. Since then, I have developed strong feelings for her.

I asked Amanda to dinner the other night, and she turned me down, saying she had plans. Yesterday, another co-worker told me she saw Amanda having lunch with a woman who works in the automotive section. The co-worker said the two of them were very touchy.

This made me really jealous and sad. Should I tell Amanda I have feelings for her? If so, how do I do that? – Confused and Maybe in Love

Dear Confused: There are different types of jealousy. Amanda seems to be a popular girl. If you consider yourself to be straight, you should examine whether your jealousy is romantic in nature or whether it’s the type that female friends develop when one of them picks a different “best friend.” If you want a romantic relationship, let Amanda know by asking her again to lunch, dinner, a movie or other entertainment outside of work. If she is repeatedly “busy,” it means she is not interested.

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