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China is a menace

China is the world’s military menace. Their recent grab for the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea and establishment of a no-fly zone is a startling event. This is more of their aggressive behavior.

The inner workings of their government and military rests with their Central Politburo Standing Committee of seven selfish and greedy men. China has over 110 large state-owned businesses controlled by this standing committee, whose members siphon off billions for themselves.

China’s navy now has an aircraft carrier and is rumored to be building more (which are nuclear). The Chinese space program, with a rover headed to the moon, is indicative of how far this Communist dictatorship has advanced. We Americans are contributors. Our trade with China has enabled them to become a superpower and the number one global threat.

The Chinese military is not beyond starting aggressive military action against any one of its neighbors. The Obama administration continues to demonstrate submissiveness towards China’s combativeness.

Our lust for Chinese-made inexpensive products fuels the rise of their military might. This holiday season, leave the “Made in China” item on the shelf. There are alternatives this Christmas season and in the future.

Jack Abel



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