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Kitchen gadgets make useful gifts

Still shopping for the foodie on your holiday list?

Here are a few kitchen gadgets that might make good gifts.

Belkin Tablet Chef Stand and Stylus ($40) or Tablet Cabinet Mount ($50) – It’s easy to use your tablet computer in the kitchen with these two accessories, available from AT&T. Search for recipes, watch cooking demonstrations and take advantage of your favorite cooking apps without cluttering your kitchen counter or worrying about touching your device with greasy or floury fingers. The chef stand is made especially for countertop use. The mount keeps your tablet suspended from a cabinet or shelf. On the Web:

VacuVin Wine Saver ($9.99) – This reusable utensil helps preserve all types of wine except for sparkling wines. On the Web:

VOGA’s Baby Sparking Wine ($5.99) – You likely won’t have any leftover bubble with these half-sized bottles, aimed at making portion control and calorie counting easier. The blend – 80 percent chardonnay and 20 percent pinot grigio – comes from the Trentino region of Italy and is produced using the Charmat method. On the Web: and

Babycakes Pie Maker and Babycakes Pie Pop Maker ($24.99) – These contraptions produce four bite-sized pies in 10 to 15 minutes or six pie pops in 4 minutes or less. They feature a nonstick coating for quick and easy removal. On the Web:

Mini Treat Makers from Babycakes ($12.99) – These mini appliances make the same treats as their original versions in smaller quantities, freeing up counter space. The Mini Donut Maker, Mini Waffle Stick Maker and Mini Cupcake Maker each make four treats at a time. The Mini Cake Pop Maker makes nine cake pops. On the Web: www.TheBaby

The Cubodia ($49.95) – This high-density, polyethylene cutting board does double duty as a collapsible drying rack, combining two kitchen necessities and minimizing use of counter space. Its inclined base allows water to easily drain into the sink. On the Web:

PlateTopper ($23.97) – Preserve leftovers with this package of two reusable, airtight covers. Their 10-inch size fits standard dinner plates, and a silicone seal keeps out air, saving food directly on plates and eliminating the need for plastic wrap or aluminum foil. On the Web:

Knork Flatware ($7 for one; $134.99 for a 20-piece set) – These ergonomic, Top Chef-sanctioned eating utensils offer an alternative to traditionally designed flatware. Their balanced weight and finger platforms make it easier to cut and spear food without using the sharp edge of a knife. On the Web: