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Thu., Dec. 12, 2013, midnight

WSP being realistic

The Washington State Patrol decision to lower the bar for applicants to (possibly) receive interviews is progressive. The WSP made the right decision for job creation by setting aside archaic misperceptions about alcohol and drugs.

The WSP is not receiving enough qualified applicants to fill vacancies. We need more men and women applying. This state has young adults and veterans who would line up to fill 200 job openings over the next four years.

Many adults used drugs or alcohol early in life. Many priests and pastors did, too. They provide advice to communities and hear confessions. Officers carry guns and testify in court. Both affect our citizens’ lives in extremely important ways. Hopefully, enough bureaucracy remains to weed out candidates who are unfit or failed to straighten up.

It is simply archaic to think that changing restrictions from “candidates are disqualified” to “candidates could be interviewed” is bad for the state. Frequency of use, or abuse, of drugs/alcohol remains grounds for disqualification. Plus, the standards simply determine whether a candidate could, possibly, be interviewed.

The WSP wants a holistic screening process to reflect the realities of today and the demographics of tomorrow. It hit the nail on the head.

Geoff Palachuk

Spokane Valley

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