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Jim Kershner’s this day in history

Fri., Dec. 13, 2013

From our archives, 100 years ago

Prospective teachers were taking their county certification exams in Spokane. They were asked to spell the following words correctly: fuchsia, isosceles, derelict and cognac.

In the music section, the teachers had to answer questions such as: What is syncopation? In what class of music is it used most? 

Then they were asked to explain the Compromise of 1850 and to discuss the differences between Pilgrims and Puritans.

From the accident beat: Fred Sheehan was found in his stable at Otis Orchards, suffering from a broken leg, several arm and leg wounds, and a blow to his head.

What had caused it? A cat.

At least, the cat started it. Sheehan went to his barn to care for a horse when a stray cat began indulging in lively “antics.” This alarmed the horse, which began kicking. The horse knocked Sheehan down and stomped on him.

Sheehan was discovered, unconscious, beneath the horse’s hooves. The cat, in the meantime, had high-tailed it out an open window.

Also on this date

(From the Associated Press)

1962: The United States launched Relay 1, a communications satellite which retransmitted television, telephone and digital signals.

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