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Sat., Dec. 14, 2013, midnight

Rodeo is brutal

I simply had to comment on Chad Hutsell’s remark (Dec. 1) about rodeo horses. This is still a brutal sport that exploits animals for the sake of entertainment, and saying the majority enjoy it is ludicrous.

I have personally witnessed the permanent injuries horses have sustained from the flank or bucking strap, as well as cattle prods. This strap does make them buck, which is why, after the rider is off, the other rodeo guys loosen it. Then the horse is suddenly completely calm. The crowd has its attention on the rider and so is oblivious to this fact.

Hutsell has a vested interest in this sport so, of course, tried to blur the downside, making it sound as if these wild, free-spirited horses just love having a strap squeezed around their genitals and spurs jammed into their sides. Give me a break.

Carla Amparan


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