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Sun., Dec. 15, 2013, midnight

Heartless to the poor

Republicans despise the poor. They are terrified that some of their tax dollars might go to slackers. To prevent their money from going to these people, they want to cut food stamps and the school lunch program. The attack on the school lunch program disturbs me the most.

I was a U.S. Census field representative. I interviewed families every three months. One family interviewed, the husband was out of work (mill closed), wife is a homemaker. They have four children in school. These children get breakfast and lunch each day, including Saturday, at school. During my interview I noticed that the children looked healthy and cheerful. I wondered just how cheerful they would have been if they were hungry. The family receives food stamps but were out by month’s end.

I believed that women were caring and nurturing: exception, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers. A mother of three, she is one of those Republicans that would cut food stamps and the school lunch program.

If you are a Republican, your wallet is safe with her; if you are a Democrat, enough said. If you are an independent, then vote your conscience and dump this heartless representative and all others of her ilk.

Terrance Wolferman

Coeur d’Alene

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