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Thu., Dec. 19, 2013

Energy resources finite

Regarding “Critics of oil trains voice safety concerns” (Dec. 12), Pauline Druffel stated: “It’s insane that we keep taking this stuff out of the ground and putting it into the atmosphere.”

Even more insane, it seems to me, is the mindless assumption that fossil fuels and all nonrenewal resources will never run out.

Our entire culture, our way of life, our high standard of living, our very lives, all depend upon resources that will be depleted at some future time. Common sense, looking at the picture of Earth from space, confirms this. Unless something changes, we will have an unlivable planet and zillions of worthless vehicles.

Yet we blindly continue to drill and dig, cut tops off mountains and poison our Earth, frantically serving our addiction to fossil fuels. The proposed Tesoro oil terminal under discussion plans to handle 360,000 barrels of crude oil per day, which would travel on trains through our beautiful Spokane.

Do we really want to allow that? Wake up, folks.

Bernadine Van Thiel


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