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Sat., Dec. 21, 2013, midnight

Credit card security lax

Six times in the last 10 years, I have had a total of over $15,000 in merchandise stolen from my bank and credit card accounts. Recently, about two weeks before the URM matter came to attention, I was at Target in Spokane Valley. I made a purchase for $75 and was not asked for identification. I inquired about it at the time and was told they do not ask unless the amount is over $50. I turned my card over showing “SEE ID.” No response!

Same for $62 and $55 purchases in the following three weeks. This occurred after a call to the store manager about the coming holiday season and the large amount of fraud and the URM occurrence.

Recently, I called the Target corporate office. I asked the company policy regarding checking ID; nothing. I explained to the man I was speaking to that we all pay for fraud by higher pricing. His thought was it might slow the cashier down.

Personally, I would like to slow down all the thieves a lot more. Say thank you to those who do take the time to protect your money and credit. I do.

Mary Cole Webber

Spokane Valley

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