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Sat., Dec. 21, 2013

Furious with smear

I read a letter on Dec. 16 that made my blood boil. I am speaking of Terrance Wolferman’s letter regarding Republicans “despising the poor.” Really?

I am a registered Republican, and I do not despise the poor. Here is my way of thinking, Mr. Wolferman. There are people in our community, in every community, who need a hand up. The question is, who is going to give them a hand up? In my mind, I would happily give more money to the government, if they would use it wisely.

What I see in big government today is so much bureaucracy (and fraud), less money from my dollar actually goes to these people. I feel, right now, local charities have a better chance of helping these people than our current government. Their administrative costs are so much lower, more of my dollar given is passed on to those in need. I’d rather keep my wallet safe so I can give more. I’m really not interested in what a few people in Washington, D.C., think of where my money should go.

Mary Knutson


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