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Sat., Dec. 21, 2013

How is trapping ethical?

After reading the article “Dogs vulnerable to wolf traps” in the Dec. 15 Spokesman-Review, about pets being caught in wolf traps, I had to look up the word “ethical” in a dictionary to assure myself that I actually understood its definition. I did. I then had to ask myself what Dave Overman, an Idaho Fish and Game conservation officer, meant when he said that he expects trappers to act ethically.

Indeed, what is the IDFG teaching in its required trapping courses in which “ethics are emphasized”? Choke snares slowly kill an animal by cinching a wire cable tighter and tighter around the frenzied animal’s throat all because someone wants a wolf pelt (I’ve never heard of anyone eating wolf meat) or someone merely hates this wild predator. How can willfully causing such pain to another creature ever be considered ethical?

Vince Murray


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