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Sat., Dec. 21, 2013, midnight

Oversight brings certainty

In Smart Bombs (Dec. 8), Gary Crooks mentioned bad police work. That prompted another letter regarding Spokane’s need for police oversight.

It seems the Spokane City Council understands that need. But, perhaps the mayor, chief of police, the Police Guild, and rank and file need to be reminded that people of Spokane are taxed to pay their salaries. Our taxes are also used to buy insurance for city protection. Insurance costs are higher than they should be because of lawless errors the Police Department attempted to hide. Cost of that insurance needs to be decreased.

Also, we have a desire to know when Spokane police officers do wrong and to be informed of the extent of their wrongdoing through an ombudsman. We didn’t ask for the ability to punish police officers or for the ombudsman to have that ability.

We want people here and elsewhere to know Spokane has law and order rather than being a city sometimes incorrectly influenced by an overly zealous Police Guild.

James T. Isabell


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