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Country needs leadership

I’m a Republican and I did not vote for President Obama. Once the people spoke, I had hoped Obama would be successful, as he was our first black American president. But that has not happened.

The Democrats are blind to the failures of Obama and will not admit they made a mistake. They should set aside party loyalty and open their eyes. Republicans are fighting among themselves, which does not help the situation at all. They blame the tea party, which is not the reason for disagreement within the Republican Party. Republicans are fighting with each other because the Republican institution doesn’t respect differing opinions among fellow members, not just the tea party. Republican infighting takes us away from dealing with the real problems in this country, and it affects enrolling new registered voters in the Republican Party.

I’m a retired military officer and war veteran, and I can’t believe what has happened to our country. We need leadership from our elected officials, and we don’t have it. I ask everyone to become informed in the upcoming elections and please vote. Your vote does matter.

Mike Brunson



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