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Grip on sports: It still won’t be easy for Seahawks

Wednesday: We are lucky because there are two professional organizations in Seattle that are trying really hard to build a winner – and a third (you know who I am talking about) that has just gone through the motions recently.

The Seahawks are in the early stages, when all the planning, scheming and lucky moves have come together to develop a team that is the best in its league and the favorite to win the title.

We’ll see in the next couple of months whether they can get it done. My money is on yes, but it isn’t going to be easy.

Every contender has flaws and the Hawks’ seem to be up front on offense. They are trying to do things to cover up the problem but, in the end, it might prove to be too much.

The other organization, the Sounders, felt it was within a final push of the brass ring last summer, so they made a move they thought would get them over the top. It didn’t.

In fact, you might say bringing in Clint Dempsey may have backfired a bit, causing some dissension in the ranks and putting the books out of whack. Which is what the organization is dealing with right now.

The Sounders were bumping up against the MLS  salary cap, which has forced them to  make some changes. The most high profile one came yesterday when  they dealt  Eddie Johnson to D.C. United for allocation money.

If you are wondering what allocation money is, just think chips you can turn into players down the road and you should be good.

Johnson joins a list of longtime Sounders  who won’t return next year as the club rebuilds around Dempsey and a couple of other stars (Brad Evans, Ozzie Alonzo and possibly Obafemi Martins). The changes are hard to understand in some ways, as Seattle seemed, at midseason, to be the team to beat in MLS. But that’s how quickly things can fall apart for a professional franchise. One day you are on top of the mountain, the next a landslide has tumbled you into a canyon. Digging out isn’t easy.

Which is why it seems like a good idea to celebrate the high points. The Hawks are at one right now. The NFL is their oyster. Instead of wondering what bad things could happen in the next two weeks or in the playoffs, put on the rose-colored glasses and look forward to the Super Bowl.

Sure, it may not happen. But if you enjoy the ride at least you’ll have those memories.

And if the Hawks win the Super Bowl and hoist the trophy? Icing on the cake.

And a warm memory to hold onto when they have to enter the inevitable rebuilding mode.