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Sun., Dec. 22, 2013, midnight

Report hunting data

On the Dec. 5 Sports page, Rich Landers wrote an article concerning hunters’ responsibility to timely reporting of hunting activities. I totally agree. I have hunted for 52 years, and never failed to make a timely report. What I have never seen is a report published in The Spokesman-Review showing the number of deer taken in each unit in Eastern Washington.

Landers is supposed to be an advocate for sportsmen in Eastern Washington. Why then, after the Jan. 31 reporting deadline, doesn’t he gather all of the information and post the number of bucks, does, elk, moose and bears taken in each unit in Eastern Washington?

Come on, Rich, that’s the least you can do. For the millions of hard-earned dollars that sportsmen pump into this state every year, we deserve to know the numbers. Please don’t tell me to go online, not everyone owns a computer.

Ken Brown

Spokane Valley

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