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Session was no bargain

The Dec. 7 Spokesman-Review included an article about the cost of the recently concluded special session to save Boeing in the Seattle area. It is another example of how our legislators take care of themselves first.

What does it cost a taxpayer to drive to and from Olympia, from Walla Walla or Spokane? Allowing for three tanks of gas (that’s probably being generous) at today’s prices would probably be about $200.

Doing the math from the article, Rep. Kevin Parker, R-Spokane, was paid $361.16 and Maureen Walsh, R-Walla Walla, $654. Remember, that’s on top of their per diem. And we won’t even bring up how many meals were paid for by the Boeing lobbyists. And did the governor talk to the machinists to see where they stood before he called the session? It seems like a huge waste of money now, doesn’t it?

When can we expect the governor to call a special session to finance the relocation of the trailer parks to save Fairchild Air Force Base?

Robert Sleeth



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