December 24, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Downtown loses magic


Maybe a better title would be, “Who are the Grinches that stole Christmas.”

My wife and I spent all our lives in Spokane before moving to Idaho 17 years ago.

Last week, we spent an afternoon enjoying lunch with North Central High School friends.

Afterwards, we decided to go down Memory Lane, or Christmas in downtown Spokane, as portrayed by “Memories of downtown magic.”

What a shock and complete disappointment that turned out to be. Zero street decorations. Some stores with minimal window decorations, but as for the city of Spokane: Zero. Zilch.

We headed home totally disappointed and empty.

I don’t know how downtown businesses did this Christmas, but don’t blame them if it was bad. I for one would never again want to shop in such a dismal town at Christmas.

Your story brought back vivid memories of Christmas past, but Christmas present was totally disheartening.

On a bright side, a few nights later we took a friend to the airport. Wow! What a fantastic job they did on the entrance, all the rocks and trees decorated to the hilt. And a few nights later, dinner and sightseeing in Coeur d’Alene. Wow! Wow!

Take some lessons, Spokane.

Jack Meredith

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