Attempted burglary suspect arrested after falling off roof

WEDNESDAY, DEC. 25, 2013

A barrage of taunts directed at police by a would-be burglar trying to elude capture by crawling onto the icy roof of his Spokane home ended in a tumble and his arrest early Tuesday, police said.

Brent Nouwels, 32, faces charges of attempted residential burglary and harassment after a neighbor in the 5100 block of North Monroe Street told police that Nouwels was standing outside her home armed with a black handgun. While on the phone with police, the neighbor said Nouwels tried to kick in the door of the home. The would-be burglar fled back to his house when officers arrived on the scene, police said.

The neighbor reported many problems with Nouwels in the past, including threats to burn her house, according to court documents. Tuesday’s break-in attempt may have been prompted by a call the woman made to animal rescue officials, who took Nouwels’ dog after the neighbor reported abuse, according to investigators.

After more than an hour of trying to contact Nouwels by phone and loudspeaker, police watched him climb from a bedroom window to his roof, where he told officers he wanted to fight them, according to a news release. Shortly thereafter, Nouwels fell from the roof to waiting officers below, who took him into custody without incident.

Nouwels was treated for injuries and then booked into jail. Investigators said Nouwels had a previous felony conviction for eluding police, which prohibits him from owning a firearm. Nouwels was not armed when he was taken into custody, but police later searched the home and additional charges may be filed.

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