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Add to your mobile desktop

Wed., Dec. 25, 2013, 10:05 a.m.

What’s that? You got yourself a brand spankin’ new phone for a gift?

You’ll probably be playing with it for the next 24-36 hours straight, without sleep, without showering, muttering “grph moar apps” under your breath.

Whilst in the middle of your new phone activation hysteria, a gentle voice of wisdom and knowledge (I imagine Cate Blanchett, but you might prefer Morgan Freeman) whispers in your ear:

“Dearest loyal Spokesman-Review reader, don’t forget to add to your mobile desktop as a bookmark, so you can access the most rad daily newspaper in Spokane, 24/7.”

With that, here is how you can add to your mobile desktop on a number of devices. It’s actually quite simple.

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