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‘Merry Christmas’ not exclusive to Christians

I have been in the hospitality industry for over 30 years and have witnessed many social trends/changes. As I am exposed to many types of folks on a daily basis, I have used the term “Happy Holidays” in recent years to practice sensitivity in the interest of political correctness. I have stopped this practice. Whether you celebrate Chanukah, Christmas or Kwanzaa this time of year, isn’t it still a time to appreciate the blessings of life? Blessings like family, health, happiness and the joys of love and friendship.

I am about the least religious person you will meet, yet I grew up with shiny new toys that went “whizz-bang,” tinsel, lots of noise, and a big family meal at this time of year. I suppose I am among the fortunate to have such memories. So from me, you will hear “Merry Christmas” because it is my way of sharing my blessings and good fortune with those I meet.

I’m not trying to offend (as a matter of fact, my guests seem to appreciate it). I am simply sharing my appreciation of life’s blessings with you. Go ahead. Say it. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Michael Paul



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