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Vestal disgust selective

I read with amusement Shawn Vestal’s Dec. 21 rant about “red-state sheriffs … self-appointed defenders against an enemy that otherwise goes by the name of the constitutionally elected executive and legislative branches of the government.” While I agree that laws should be enforced, I find Vestal’s indignation to be partisan myopia at its worst. Why, when we have a president and an attorney general who routinely pick and choose which laws they will enforce and which they will ignore (read immigration laws, for one), or which they will arbitrarily alter (read Obamacare), is his disgust at such a thing limited to a few nefarious “red-state sheriffs”? Seems to me, if Vestal really gave two hoots about the Constitution, he’d give that a mention. As it is, his selective indignation is transparent hypocrisy.

David Rachoy



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