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Sun., Dec. 29, 2013, midnight

Downtown a Christmas downer

As soon as I read the Dec. 24 letter about downtown Spokane, I had to respond. Jack Meredith was too kind.

The only time of the year I make it a point to visit downtown Spokane is at Christmas time, but no more. I could find more Christmas spirit and joy at an atheist convention. Hardly any shoppers, not a Christmas song within hearing distance, no smiling faces in stores, not a Santa or a Salvation Army Bell ringer within sight, or even one “Merry Christmas” from a living person, two days before Christmas. The few same old street trees with their same old, clear lights on; the “City Christmas Tree” with its colorless lights that look like someone threw them on and called it good.

Now, why would people want to visit or live in a place that has so little to offer at the happiest time of the year? Spokane’s government and retailers are part of downtown’s problem, and they should be ashamed. Bah Humbug!

David Bray


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